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January 25th, 2007

09:51 am
Title: Quantcome Leap
Author: magicofisis and shocolate
Pairing: Harry…. having sex
Words: 9000 – written in three days!
Rating: NC-17

Written for the amazing and rapidly approaching abigail89, for her 21st birthday – Dan’ll like Older Women, we’re sure of it!

Rapidly approaching as in we are going to see her in March! Hurrah!

And thanks to sheepybunbuns for the lightning fast beta. There are very few people besides abigail89 that we would dare could ask to beta read this thing. Any errors remaining are on purpose. :)

Quantcome LeapCollapse )

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May 4th, 2006

10:48 pm - An Anniversary of Sorts, NC-17, H/R
Harry looked around the room nervously. This was the tidiest the flat had been in months, and it had taken him the better part of the morning to clean it. The afternoon was spent shopping - some new clothes, candles and a very nice selection of wines from the off-license. He thought he'd go with the chianti, as he'd hired his neighbor, Mrs. Saparito, to cater an authentic Italian meal. The wonderful smell wafting from the kitchen was already making his stomach rumble with anticipation.

Seeing nothing else that needed his attention, Harry rushed to the bedroom to change his clothes. He was trying for casual-yet-sexy, and was terribly worried that he'd end up with boring-yet-dorky. The shirt might not be anything special, but he knew that Ron liked the emerald green color on him because it played up his eyes. He wasn't particularly worried about getting laid tonight - it was pretty much a foregone conclusion as long as they were both breathing and not too intoxicated. But tonight was special, so Harry wanted to make an extra effort.

As he cleaned his teeth, he thought about how much things had changed in a year. One year ago tonight, Harry had been out celebrating the demise of Voldemort, having successfully avenged the deaths of his parents and so many others that he'd loved and lost. One year ago, he'd broken the news to Ginny that he'd changed too much - discovered too much about himself - to be able to start seeing her again. One year ago, he'd gotten so thoroughly pissed that Ron had to take him home and put him to bed. One year ago, he'd confessed, in a drunken stupor, that Ginny wasn't the Weasley he wanted. One year ago, he and Ron had shared their first kiss...

Harry wondered, briefly, if Ron even remembered that it was their anniversary, kind of, and if he'd think Harry was a total sap for wanting to celebrate it in this way. It didn't much matter either way - it had been a liberating year for him in so many ways, and he owed most of his happiness to being with Ron.

If there was a down side, it was that they were still very much in the closet, and only a few close friends knew that they were anything more than mates. It was Ron insisting on the secret, but Harry didn't mind. He preferred to stay out of the limelight whenever possible. But it was a bit awkward when Ron's mum came over and they had to quickly transfigure their huge bed into two twins. It would be nice if they could show up as each others' dates at public functions instead of having to ask Hermione and Luna to accompany them "as friends."

He made an attempt to comb his hair, but ended up tousling it in hopes that it would look as if he wanted it to look like that. He peeked at his watch - six o'clock. Ron should be here any time now. Sure enough, he heard keys in the lock and the sound of a briefcase hitting the hard wood floor.

"Ron? Is that you?" he called.
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Current Music: What I'm Looking For - Brendan Benson

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February 2nd, 2005

11:09 pm - And while the rest of the castle slept...

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